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Umbrella Corp.: Our Business Is Life Itself by KoreanAloeJuice Umbrella Corp.: Our Business Is Life Itself by KoreanAloeJuice
This afternoon was experiment time! Emoticon - Electricity Mad Explosion :chemistryset: :science:

This is available as a FREE download (for a wallpaper, etc,) and I request that no one sells this, whether as their own or mine. Also, credit where credit is due would be nice, if you actually like this hunk of lunacy.

It is mostly done with Ye Olde CS6, though I'm not nearly as good with it as I should be... This idea basically came to me while I was watching the movies, and this is the first time I've actually executed it. :lazy:  It's like this insane mass of ideas from a combination of the games and the movies.  Cutie Shrug  If someone really cares about the symbolism, give us a comment and I shall reveal.

Now, you're all (by all I mean like two people...) thinking: "Yes, yes, Aloe, this is all good and well, but what resources did you use and how did you somehow with your non-existent skills make the brokeded glass?"

I will now tell you. If you use these resources, please remember to thank the nice people who supplied them!

Font:… (You don't have to thank them, but it's still very nice that it;s there!)

Splatter brushes:…

Glass shards:…

The cracked glass texture: everythingisinstock.deviantart…

The glass tutorial (This tutorial is much more amazing than I make it seem! Before I messed around with colour, they looked amazing!):…

And remember, folks, I do not in any way or form own anything from Resident Evil apart from some merchandise!
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September 3, 2014
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