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It’s strange, thinking you’re dead, but then your eyes flutter open and you see some kind of glowing ball of light hanging above you, like a tiny UFO. To realise that you feel as though you’ve been freeze-dried doesn’t help. And the bloody ball of light suddenly going from calmly hovering to speeding in your direction makes you want to run away. Far away. Unfortunately, I couldn’t (feeling as though I’d been freeze-dried and all), so I did the only thing I could and raised my hands as if to catch the thing.
In that instant, when the wisp seemed to be absorbed into my hands, I felt as though my soul had been ripped from my body, but somehow, I was more alive than I’d ever been before. I felt it. Everything. Something exploding; matter and energy coalescing to form planets, moons, stars, space, the Universe; the planet being covered in water; that first evolution; the first seed as it unfurled into roots, a stem, leaves, a tree. It was more than
:iconkoreanaloejuice:KoreanAloeJuice 2 4
Friday afternoon. A special time for me, especially after an extra stressful week. So, driving with windows open, a breeze rushing through my hair (which I will, no doubt, regret later and I have to brush the knots out), I am free. Between juggling two jobs (the au-pair of three miscreants under the age of five and an online language tutor running on the 11 hour night shift) and my other miscellaneous responsibilities (family, friends, daily chores, you know, the usual), by Friday afternoon I pretty much feel as though I’m ready to die. Except that, of course, Friday afternoon is the time I spend at the river.
Ah, the river. The last haven of nature near our city, except for the beach, but with all the… people at the beach, why ever would I want to go there? I park as close to the entrance as possible, grateful for the lack of cars. The moment the car stops, I’m ripping the keys out of the ignition, grabbing my back pack and running. In the city, running about
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Written in the Snow, there is Fire in my Veins
Aloe had always been a curious soul, who could never leave well enough alone. So, at the very least, she isn’t surprised when she finds herself standing at the base of a very cold mountain, that had (not too long ago) had a rather antagonistic Frost Deity on it. She’d get in a rather large amount of trouble if anyone else knew about this, but as the old saying went, ‘Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.’
Of course, she feels moderately more confident as she is quite certain that one Nick Frost is no longer on the mountain. The cold has never truly touched her and that horrid, lingering coldpainfeardeath is no longer there, and even if it was, some of her children are dead on that mountain and there is no way that she can contentedly leave such a beautiful place barren and empty.
She retraces her steps, squashing the straggling doubts in her mind. Someone had to check that Frost was gone, she reasons, certainly, no one wanted him to
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Umbrella Corp.: Our Business Is Life Itself by KoreanAloeJuice Umbrella Corp.: Our Business Is Life Itself :iconkoreanaloejuice:KoreanAloeJuice 2 0 Aloe Sketches (Progress) by KoreanAloeJuice Aloe Sketches (Progress) :iconkoreanaloejuice:KoreanAloeJuice 3 7



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Aloe ((Nox))
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Aloe is the Deity of Nature, Former human, and is far too busy to actually run this page. She enjoys hiking, guerrilla gardening, saving planets, revealing inconvenient truths and maintaining the balance between Life and Death, and Chaos and Order. She also has admitted to often enjoying a good book in her spare time.

Nox is a giggling, chocolate and Nutella consuming creature, who is prone to bouts of insanity and making midnight posts. She enjoys dying her hair and displaying her mostly non-existent talents as an amateur author, artist and photographer. One of her guilty pleasures is reading the blogs of fellow Hiddlestoners.

What Is Your Emblem?
What Is Your Emblem?
Hosted By Anime

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: I can read?
  • Watching: Time Run away. *sniggers to self*
  • Eating: The souls of the lost.
  • Drinking: Dreamless Sleep
Aloe looks up from wrapping cool iris leaves over the aloe vera on Nox's tired, aching feet. "Well, I suppose I shall have to handle today's little journal entry, as Nox decided that it would be a good idea to walk several kilometres around an unfamiliar city or 'explore' as she likes to call it. I can't fault her on her choice of footwear, though because she was actually wearing comfortable walking sneakers."

"In that case, I would like to remind you all that Nox is still taking in requests. She may not finish anything soon, but she does continue working a bit here and there until everything is complete. That said, she is planning her return trip to her home as well as working and sight seeing as much as humanly possible within the next two weeks, so you can expect delays. However, she does enjoy the practice each request grants her. She also recommends that no one attempts to draw whilst riding a train."


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